Touch Sensitive Aroma Burner

Touch Sensitive Aroma Burner

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Round Aroma Lamp in Tri Star design available With A Glass Dish On Top That Is Included.

Touch Sensitive Turn On And Off By Simply Touching The Lamp.

UK Mains Powered with Black Lead and Two Halogen Bulbs (One as a Spare). Individually Gift Boxed.

The Touch Sensitive Feature Has 3 Light Settings, Enabling You To Switch Between Different Light Intensities with Just The Touch Of Your Finger!

We recommend using the high setting to melt the wax and once melted turn down to low so not to blow the filament in the bulb or fuse of the burner. 

Size: 12cm x 16cm

Suitable for Use With Both Oils and Wax Melts

Replacement Bulbs Compatible - 23W / 35W / 40W