About Us

My name is Nina and I am the owner of Diamond melts which is a small business run by me. I started this business in March 2018 because I had a passion for making wax melts and all things smelling beautiful. My range of products has expanded from the small world of wax melts to personalised items, reed diffusers, bath bombs, burners, perfumes and more!

Each and every item produced is individually prepared with our unique fragrances. We use high quality products that have not been tested on animals and our wax is a blend of soy & now gel!

My business started with a small amount of scents, I would say roughly 15 off the top of my head, hand making in my kitchen of our first home. A year later we then moved into our second home which i also went into the kitchen. That was nearly 5 years ago! I went from strength to strength all from the help of my friends, family, customers, social media followers & also my team members. Tom built me a shed in the garden which was just a small workshop but meant we had out kitchen back! 

Bam COVID hit but just before I was starting to outgrow the workshop in the garden so we were moving everything in the garage & creating a workshop space. Due to online sales going crazy during the COVID period it meant i could buy a bigger shed in the garden and create my workshop in both places. 

I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had these past 5 years with Diamond melts & I can't wait to see what the future holds for myself, my family & all the team members joining us to earn themselves extra cash.

Thank you to all that have followed my journey from the beginning and I am excited for the future! 

Nina x