Scents Range

We get asked a variety of questions to what certain scents smell like so we have decided to create this list for you to browse while deciding your favourites.

Bonn Bonn

Caramel notes mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer and milkier in the middle then darkening to add depth to the base note.

Inspired by viktor & Rolf bonbon 

Pink Tulips & white jasmine

A bright fruity floral opening with breezy aldehydes, orchard fruits and red berries leading to a profusion of florals including jasmin, lily, violet and rose supported by a background of sweet vanilla and soft musks.

Inspired by Mrs hinch laundry fragrance 

Lime Sherbet 

A vibrant citrus accord dominated by sweet lime supported by juicy lemon on a fizzy and sweet base

Bum Bum Cream 

A delicious fruity floral blend with top notes of apple, lemon almond, coconut and peach leading to a strong floral heart of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose, lily and and orchid completing with sweetness from vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, moss, cedar and sandalwood.

Rainbow Kiss

A fruity accord with top notes of raspberry, orange and blueberry, leading to a heart of bubblegum and floral nuances on a base of vanilla and candyfloss.

 Linen Fresh

A long lasting scent of soft cotton, light lavender and delicate violet creates a scent of washed linen.

Inspired by Zoflora linen fresh


Strawberry & Lily

A fresh, fruity, floral fragrance with green fruity notes of strawberry, gardenia, violet and jasmine.

Inspired by Comfort Strawberry & Lily

Fresh Blue

Sparkling citrus and juicy fruit scents wrapped into floral notes.

Inspired by Unstoppable Fresh Blue


Bursting with Jasmin and gourmand vanilla.

Inspired by Unstoppable Dreams 

Blue Coral & Sea Salt

A crisp floral fragrance with top notes of citrus fruits, cool marine notes, green notes and marigold supported by floral heart of freesia, waterlily, Jasmin and rose.

Spring Awakening

A scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar. 

Inspired by comfort fabric conditioner

Rosey Wonderland

A winter wonderland that is cosy and fresh, centred on the sweet scent of romantic rose. Fruity, green notes radiate from delicate lily of the valley, soft violet adds a dewy element that is clean and fresh.

Inspired by the popular fabric conditioner hinch style

Frosted Rose Wonderland

This fragrance oil evokes the enchanting essence of a frosted winter wonderland. Its top notes blend the crisp sweetness of apple and peach with a hint of tropical fruits and zesty citrus, creating an invigorating opening. As you delve deeper, the heart of the fragrance reveals a delicate bouquet of roses and white flowers, infusing a sense of elegance and purity. Finally, the base notes transport you to a snow-covered forest with the comforting scent of frosted raspberries and the warm embrace of vanilla. This fragrance is a sensory journey through a serene and magical winter landscape.

Inspired by the popular fabric conditioner hinch style

Aussie Shampoo Inspired

A fresh fruity floral fragrance with top notes of peach, orange & strawberry, leading to a floral heart of Jasmin, lily & gardenia on a base of musk & dry fruits. 

Inspired by mega shampoo.

Puppy Snuggles

A fresh, clean floral accord with sparkling citrus, leading with a floral, herbal heart, resting on a base of musks and precious woods.


Lemon Marshmallow Buttercream

A sweet lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar and powdery vanilla.


A sweet, mouth-watering juicy, fruity confectionery fragrance with notes of bubblegum, orange, pineapple, banana and vanilla.

Snow Queen

A vibrant, sweet fruit accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops. musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss.

Inspired by Lush snow fairy.


Purple Rain

A refreshing citrus, fruity cocktail with notes of lemon juice, lime juice and cranberry combined with alcoholic nuances of vodka, orange liqueur and a touch of sugar.




An aromatic accord opening with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, pink pepper & juniper, leading to heart notes of Jasmin, rock rose & velvet woods resting on a base of ambergris, musk, moss & patchouli.

Inspired by Creed Aventus.


A sophisticated floral oriental fragrance with a green fruity top notes of plum, neroli, star anise, cardamom and green accord. Supported by an oriental floral blend of Jasmin minuet, rose, orange blossom, cashmeres and ylang.

Inspired by Thierry Mugler Alien.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin

A modern classic, top notes of lime, mandarin, orange and bergamot. Middle notes of basil, lilac, iris and thyme. Bottom notes of patchouli and vetiver,

Inspired by jo Malone.


A crisp bergamot and mandarin scent combined with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of amber and musks.

Inspired by Dior savage.

Coco Madam

A chypre accord opening with bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, green leaf, apple, plum, cassis and galbanum, leading to a heart of Jasmin, rose, lily, freesia, violet and gardenia, with marine hints on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, Tonka and musks.

Inspired by Chanel 

Lost Cherry

A mouth-watering fruity floral accord with opening notes of cherry liqueur and almond 

Inspired by Tom Ford 


A rich fruity accord with dominant notes of ripe mango, with further fruity hints of green apple, raspberry and juicy peach.

Black Cherry 

A delightful sweet and juicy black cherry accord with background notes of dates, plum, raspberry and strawberry on a base of vanilla and sugar. 

Green Apple

A gorgeous blend of creamy apples and pears with a hint of pineapple, with subtle undertones of musk, rose and peach.

Passion Fruit Martini

A passionfruit martini fragrance mixing sweet vanilla vodka with fresh passionfruit puree and a sliced passionfruit garnish paired with a shot of fizz.

Kiwi & Pineapple

Juicy watermelon entwined with guava, peach, mango and pineapple with a light floral background.