Sample Collection Box
Sample Collection Box

Sample Collection Box

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This sample collection box is a 6 x 4 cell mould holding 300 gram worth of wax being 50 gram in each 4 cell. This is available in four sample collections; cleaning collection, fruit collection, sweet collection and perfume/aftershave collection with the 6 scents already chosen which would state on the label. Here is the list for you choose from;

Cleaning collection:

- Tropical twist, Baby Powder, Fresh Blue, Aussie shampoo, Summer Bouquet, Bliss 

Fruit collection:

- Lemon, Mango, Cherry, Coconut, Green Apple, Blackcurrant 

Sweet collection:

- Vanilla, Snow fairy, Bubblegum, Rhubarb&Custard, Afterglow, Purple Rain 

Perfume/aftershave collection:

- Sauvage, Dark Opium, Pome Noir, Millionairess, Daisies, Like a Boss